About Circuit Parts

What is Circuit Parts?

Let's quickly introduce you to Circuit Parts and what you can do with it. We have a shorter explaination and a longer one. You can choose to read either one or both. We'd suggest you read the longer one where we explain the problem we are trying to solve and how we are solving it. We hope it is an interesting read.

The shorter version

Circuit Parts is a digital quote-to-order Platform. It allows users to easily search components using manufacturer part number, specify quantities, and add items to their cart. In addition to component ordering, users can upload their PCB design files, receive instant quotes, and place orders for their custom designs.

The longer version

If you were to open up your mobile phone, or as a matter of fact any modern electronic device and examine, you’d find a Printed Circuit Board or a PCB in short. This PCB is packed with full of electronic components ranging from tens to even thousands of components on single board depending on the product. These components are interconnected to form a circuit which makes the device function.

Now imagine you were to design and build this product. After months of work, you have the design files (blueprints) and Bill of Materials (shopping list) ready to start manufacturing. That's where things start to get complicated...The traditional process of finding, vetting, and managing suppliers, getting quotes, and tracking orders across many component distributors and PCB manufacturers is incredibly resource-intensive and prone to miscommunication, delays, and mistakes. These barriers make hardware development a slow, painful, high-risk endeavor.

Our Solution

We engineered a new approach — A digital quote-to-order platform. It provides a convenient place for individuals and businesses to purchase electronic and semiconductor components, upload designs and receive instant quotes for PCB fabrication and assembly, all in one place, eliminating the need to navigate multiple websites.

Next up

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