Our teams are working on new features to make Circuit Parts even better. Our roadmap typically looks out for 12-24 months and we establish features we want to work on. We don't start our roadmap on a blank sheet. We develop it based on our last roadmap, the findings we made over the course of the last one year. When we execute on our roadmap, we keep learning and our assessment of some of the features we listed change. As a result, we may add or drop features as we go. After around 12 months we come together to develop the next roadmap.


  • Project management tool that to save multiple projects or part lists and then order them at their convenience with just couple of clicks.
  • Devlop an inventory management tool that seamlessly integrates with our ordering platform.
  • Introduce feature to download symbols, footprints, & 3D models for millions of electronic components
  • Develop extensions for design tools that seamlessly lets our users to order components and PCBs from within their CAD tools.
  • Introduce electronic design calculators based on the current IPC standards.

Business Development

  • Achieve same day shipping.
  • Establish In-house PCB manufacturing and assembly services and reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Educational resources for hands-on hardware design and development with DIY kits.